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FRUiTS Yearbook Volume 2 continues the story of Harajuku Street Fashion, as seen through the lens of Shoichi Aoki.

1998 was the magazine’s second year of publication, and saw FRUiTS firmly installed into the fashion-conscious minds of Japanese Youth. Part fashion bible, part live historical narrative, it was clear that FRUiTS was more than just a fashion magazine. It was the world’s first window into the unique and captivating world of Harajuku’s street fashion subculture. 

With the most popular images chosen from Issues 08 to 19, the FRUiTS Yearbook Volume 2 will take you on a nostalgic trip into the golden age of Harajuku Street Fashion, where you can drink in the trends, looks and attitudes of the kids who started a style revolution.


The  BETA-eBook-Edition 

The purpose of this Beta eBook Edition is to let YOU choose which images from this iconic year of FRUiTS Magazine will feature in the FRUiTS Yearbook Volume 2. Containing 222 images from the 721 originally published in FRUiTS during 1998, the β-eBook-Edition will allow you to select the final 154 images that will make up the official print edition via a dedicated Instagram account.

Exclusive Instagram Access

Purchasers of the β-Edition will have exclusive access to fruitsyearbook2, where you can “like” and comment on the photos. The image selection of the official print edition will be based on the number of likes and comments.

■ How to access the Private Instagram account:

  1. Purchase FRUiTS Yearbook Volume 2 (1998) - β eBook.
  2. Reply to the Confirmation Purchase email with your Instagram account
  3. Request to follow the @fruitsyearbook2 Instagram account.
  4. We will check and approve your account. This is a manual process so it may take a little

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eBOOK-FRUiTS Yearbook vol.02 (1998)-β

「非公開インスタグラムアクセス権 + 最終写真セレクト投票権」付き。



FRUiTS YearBook vol.02 制作の途中段階のデジタルブック(PDF)です。正式版リリースの前だけの期間限定発売です。

「非公開インスタグラムアクセス権 + 最終写真セレクト投票権」