FRUiTS burst onto the scene in 1997 when celebrated Japanese street fashion photographer Shoichi Aoki launched the magazine in response to the emerging fashion styles of Harajuku youth subculture.

Shoichi Aoki entered the world of publishing in 1985 with the international street fashion magazine STREET. Noticing the unique and creative styles of Harajuku's youth, Mr. Aoki saw the potential in documenting the birth of a youth movement.  

With FRUiTS, it can be arguably be said that Mr. Aoki placed Harajuku on the global fashion map, securing its legacy as the iconic capital of Japanese street fashion known the world over.

Part fashion bible, part live historical narrative, it was clear that FRUiTS was more than just a fashion magazine. It was the world’s first window into the unique and captivating world of Harajuku’s street fashion fashion and youth subculture that pioneered an international street fashion revolution.