eBook-FRUiTS No.001 English Edition

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25 years on from its original launch, cult Japanese street fashion magazine FRUiTS has been translated into English in digital eBook format for the first time!

FRUiTS No.001 started it all. With over 85 pages packed with Harajuku’s finest fashion icons, decked out in luxury Japanese fashion house COMME des GARÇONS, local Harajuku brand Milkboy and the revolutionarily influential Vivienne Westwood to name but three, the issue also features interviews with head designers Lica and Masahiro Nakagawa of fashion house “20471120” and innovative shoe designer, Mihara Yasuhiro, along with the original advertisements from 1997.


Price: $8.99 (USD)
Pages: 89
Format: ePub
Publication date: 26th April 2023